Minimal Character Sheets for Beginners or One-Shots

I looked around, downloaded a bunch, and none of them did what I want. So I made my own. Gone are:– Background– Alignment– Inspiration– Proficiency Bonus– Speed– Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds and Flaws– Hit Dice– Temporary Hit Points– Cp/Sp/Ep/Gp/Pp– Passive Perception– Other proficiencies & languages Ain’t no one need that stuff. You’ll probably want to […]

Ranking 5e Modules

I wrote this on Reddit the other day, might as well drop it on here too! D&D fifth edition has been going for 7 years now – yet the list of official modules is not that large. A stroke of genius from Wizards if you ask me, on par with their decision to set everything in Faerun and create an almost MCU-like consistency. These things are easy to complain about but I think they are a large part of the success of 5th ed.

NPC Damage Tables

I put myself in a situation this week. My group’s doing a dungeon crawl, a mean one involving talking weapons and super tetanus, which means there’s a drought of social interaction. So I did this thing which you too may have read as a suggestion to spice things up: I added an NPC group of adventurers. And I introduced them through combat versus a shared enemy.